How to Cut Your Food Bill in Half and Save Big Money $$$

Dear Friends:

Ready to save over $400 or more this summer?
Why not grow a garden?
Our current state of economy is not the greatest, prices are increasing more and more every time you turn around. The Consumer Price Index latest report had a 8.9% increase. With the state of inflation on the rise, it’s time to start a garden to grow delicious fruits and vegetables. Here are a few steps to ensure you get a great harvest!
a.      Whatever veggies or fruit you’d like to grow! I really enjoy growing green beans, lettuce, and watermelon.
b.      A good compost to ensure you’ll have a great amended soil for your veggies to sprout in. We recommend the Fertilome Natural Guard Garden Mix and "The Cow" Compost.
c.      A fertilizer, we cannot recommend this product from Espoma enough. Garden Tone! It’s an all-natural fertilizer that is non-burning, containing 15 of the 18 essential nutrients plants need (the remaining are sunlight, air, and water). The great thing about Garden Tone is that since it’s an organic slow release, it will fertilize your plants for up to 6 weeks long and will add more nutrients into the soil. The best part is that the more nutrients in the soil, the mornutrients into your plants, the more nutrients your body will receive when you eat them.
If you don’t have the real estate to put a garden in, you can grow these in a raised bed! Build your own or try the new Raised Bed Planter from Smart Pot. Just roll out this heavy fabric bed, add soil and you are ready to plant!! It's that easy!!, We offer a couple different sizes with one that can hold up to 8 cubic yards of soil for a boat load of plants.  
Gardening in large 15 to 25 gallon pots is another option. Plants love the natural drainage. 
If you’re a crafty type you can get some 2 x 4’s of Cedar, some decking screws, and a drill and make your own for years to come. Just add some compost each year and you’ll have nutrient plenty soil.
Now here is the amazing part:
The price in our area for a single Green Bell Pepper is $0.89, we sell a 2 pack of pepper plants for $1.69, we had a client that averaged 50 Bell Peppers per plant! Take 100 Bell Peppers and multiply by $0.89 that you’d pay at the grocery store and that would cost $89.00, talk about saving money. In addition to this, they are fresher than any store could ever offer and a great way to get the family involved!
Add in tomatoes, corn, beans, melons, squash etc. You can easily save a ton of money. With gas prices rising, who knows how much more produce will cost? Anything that is moved by a truck is going to cost you more as diesel and gas prices rise. Literally this is food for thought.
J.R. Pandy, "The No B.S.Gardener"
Pandy's Premier Garden Center

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