Cherry-Black Tartarian Sd #15

Cherry-Black Tartarian Sd

Cherry-Black Tartarian Sd #15

Your Black Tartarian is an old variety of dark, sweet Cherry (Prunus avium 'Black Tartarian') that has remained a favorite among homeowners for the pollination it provides many cherry varieties as well as superior fruit and dependable high yields. If you're looking for a pretty tree that will provide years of delicious fruit with little effort, then the Black Tartarian is for you!

Beginning in the spring this cherry tree will come alive with an abundance of white, fragrant flowers. The clusters of 5-petaled beauties veritably cover the branches with their pristine splendor.

As the flowers fade, the Black Tartarian will fill out with shiny green leaves and begin to form the fruit that your tree is most prized for. The foliage is handsome with oval leaves, with toothed edges, and a sharp pointed tip, retaining their waxy dark-green color all season.

Remember though, that one of the best features of your Black Tartarian is its outstanding fruit! By early to mid-summer, you'll be able to pause under your tree's pyramidal canopy and reach up for a sun-warmed, sweet snack that will tantalize your taste buds. 

The Black Tartarian Cherry is about 1-inch in size with a deep-purple hue. The flesh is dark red, dense, very juicy and sweet. The stone comes loose easily from the cherry, so even if you're pitting the cherries for use in a culinary dish, you won't have to work very hard.

You can plant with several other cherry varieties and enjoy an extended summer harvest.

Botanical Name Prunus avium 'Black Tartarian'
Type Deciduous
Mature Height 30 - 35 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Soil Type Widely adaptable
Moisture Moderate
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color White
Foliage Color Glossy Green
Harvest Time Mid Season
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Fruiting Time 3 - 5 years
When To Prune Late Winter
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