Cherry Carmine Jewel - FT !

Cherry Carmine Jewel - FT !

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Can't wait for cherry season? Carmine Jewel ripens before other dwarf cherries, so you can enjoy full-sized, purplish-red fruits sooner. Fruits have a high balance of sugars and a complement of acids, creating a rich flavor—and the rich, dark color goes through the entire fruit, giving maximum color to juice, ice cream and other recipes. Its firm flesh lends itself to making dried fruit. Carmine Jewel is a heavy yielder, loading up with 15+ lbs. by its fourth year, and 20-30 lbs. in its fifth year. Growing to only 6 1/2 ft. tall, this is a naturally dwarfed bush is easier to maintain than typical cherries. Extreme cold hardiness and few problems from disease and pests make this beauty a breeze to grow and harvest. Self-pollinating. Hardy to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

7 gallon

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