Bamboo- Sunset Glow Clumping

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One of the most beautiful bamboo plants, the Sunset Glow Bamboo, Fargesia rufa, is a favorite diet of the giant panda. Bamboo Sunset Glow Evergreen Plants are a great addition to your garden. Growing to 8 feet in height the orange-red sheaths and deep green leaves will provide a nice hedge or privacy screen at maturity when planted as bamboo hedges. The Sunset Glow Bamboo Shrub is hardy to -15°F and grows well in Zones 6 - 9, however, extreme hot and humid areas should be avoided.

Bamboo Sunset Glow Plants are sun tolerant and performs equally well in shade. If you are looking for a non-running evergreen shrubs to add color and flair to your garden or terrace this is the one. Bamboo, often thought to be a tropical plant, grows in temperate areas and is now becoming part of many new landscapes. Although thought of as a shrub, Bamboo is the largest growing of ornamental grasses.

This plant variety is an excellent choice for Bamboo Hedges.

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