Barberry- Concorde

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Concorde Japanese Barberry is an improved, specially developed, strain of Dwarf Red Barberry. Unbeatable dark burgundy color is especially outstanding in spring, and again in early fall. Growth habit is tight and compact.....with extremely dense foliage. Tends to stay much more compact than most other Barberry varieties we have grown over the years, with much less need to trim or prune any stray branch that tries to outgrow the rest of the shrub.

Small creamy yellow flowers are produced in early spring, and are many times followed by small seedlike fruits in summer & fall. But the seeds of the Concorde Red Barberry cultivar are not viable, making it an excellent alternative to other Barberry varieties in areas where they are considered to be invasive.

Slow overall growth, good shape and outstanding color make this smaller dwarf sized shrub a perfect pick for foreground plantings, or mass plantings anywhere that needs a color break, or something to give contrast. Low maintenance, and good red fall color are extra if this variety needed anything else to warrant it's consideration for landscape use in a wide variety of applications. Concorde Red Barberry is deciduous, and will lose leaves after it's display of nice red foliage in late fall.

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