Barberry- Crimson Pygmy Dwarf

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Widely beloved for its richly colored foliage, multi-seasonal interest, and compact growth, the Crimson Pygmy Barberry is an excellent choice for a wide range of landscaping applications. The most notable characteristic of the Crimson Pygmy is its beautifully colored purple foliage displayed in the spring through mid-winter. This unique shrub is considered Semi-Evergreen as its foliage remains much longer into winter than comparable plants. Crimson leaves turn in autumn to an unexpectedly bright shade of red! Autumn is also the season when Crimson Pygmy produces its small, bright red berries which cling to the branches long after the foliage falls in mid-winter. These berries bring a striking winter appeal that's all too often lacking in landscapes today! Low and compact growth make Crimson Pygmy perfect for borders and lawn edging. The burgundy colored leaves combined with its low growth also make Crimson Pygmy the perfect companion to any green leaf plants and particularly those with yellow foliage! The Crimson Pygmy can also be trained as a low-growth hedge if desired by planting these shrubs in close proximity. The Crimson Pygmy Barberry is a beautiful dwarf shrub which boasts deep purple foliage spring through summer, making it the perfect companion, accent, and border plant!

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