Cherry  Regina

Cherry Regina

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Experience a breakthrough with this Sweet Cherry that has great taste to spare on fruit that is much firmer and split resistant than most other selections in this group. Regina™ is a late-blooming, late harvesting selection that can be pollinated by another late bloomer like Bing but will have fully ripened fruit 10 to 14 days later than Bing. You will find the wait well worth your time as a mammoth crop of large, dark red skinned and fleshed fruit will have you giving away its sweet bounty by the bagful. Regina is the result of German breeding work so its constitution is more than robust enough for our climate while its taste will make it a house favorite for fresh eating, canning or freezing or even using in pies. Be sure to cover your tree as the fruit ripens. While this is a somewhat arduous task, if you do not cover them you will have the happiest birds in the world as they feast upon your super sweet Regina™ Cherries!

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