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Stellar Pink® has gained a solid reputation with nurseries and landscapers as the most asked for pink dogwood available today.

Qualities for Stellar Pink® include:

  • Plants of Stellar Pink® are known to be very vigorous growers
  • This variety is erect in growth habit and is more uniformly full in width than are trees of  Kousa dogwood
  • The flower (bract) heads are very attractive with a blush pink color
  • Stellar Pink® will produce a very vigorous growing and hardy tree 
  • The period of flowering in the spring is quite similar to that of Aurora® and Celestial®, and starts a few days after the floral display periods for Ruth Ellen®, Stardust® and Constellation® begin, and five to seven days after the completion of the floral display periods of most plants of the American dogwood
  • At twenty years old the original tree of Stellar Pink® was approximately twenty three feet tall and eighteen feet wide
  • Stellar Pink®has good resistance to the diseases powdery mildew and anthracnose
  • 2" size bin 22

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