Fly Mix 750g

Fly Mix 750g

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  • Laguna Fly Mix is an insect based Koi & Pond fish food.
  • We recommend our Laguna Pond Fish Food to help bring your fish into the new pond season in tip top condition.
  • Laguna Fly Mix is a complete diet and your fish will certainly approve of this formulated diet.
  • Laguna Fly Mix takes sustainable sourced Black Soldier Fly Larvae, combined with salmon, shrimp and other high quality ingredients to create a premium food that fish will go wild for.
  • Flies and insects form a natural part of pond fishes' diet in the wild.
    They are full of protein and are naturally palatable and supplying vital vitamins, minerals and calcium to your fish.


  • Features:
    Sustainably sourced ingrediants.
    Natural diet.
    Naturally palatable and supplying vital vitamins, minerals and calcium.
    Pack size: 750g

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