Hinoki cypress compact bin 3

Hinoki cypress compact bin 3

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The Compact Hinoki Cypress is exactly what its name suggests, a dense, compact, mid-sized evergreen with a rounded conical form. It remains dense and bushy for its entire life, and it needs no trimming to look wonderful every day of the year. The charming foliage is rich green, and arranged in shell-shaped sprays, which give it a unique and attractive look. Reaching 6 or 8 feet in ten years, it is perfect for the middle of beds, or the back of smaller ones, as a stand-out specimen. Grow it with other evergreens, or in pots and planters for height and bulk. This charming plant is greatly-loved by all gardeners, and you will love it too.

  • Beautiful rich green conical evergreen
  • Delightful clusters of shell-shaped foliage
  • Reaches just 6 or 8 feet in 10 years
  • Easily grown and needs no trimming
  • Grows in almost any garden without issues

Plant the Compact Hinoki Cypress in full sun for the best growth. It will tolerate a little shade, and in zone 8 this can be beneficial during the hottest months. It grows easily in most soils, preferring moist, well-drained ones. Don’t plant in wet, low-lying or soggy places. Once established it will tolerate normal dry periods during summer, but regular watering is beneficial. It can be trimmed, but frequent trimming will destroy the elegance of the shell-shaped foliage, so we recommend allowing it to grow naturally, which means less work in the garden for you.

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