Juniper Golden Carpet H1 !

Juniper Golden Carpet H1 !

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Golden Carpet is a very low growing, ground hugging, spreading juniper that is very well suited for use as a groundcover. Has a somewhat similar appearance as "Mother Lode Juniper", but is much hardier, and has a much quicker growth rate. Has performed very well in many areas of the country - very vigorous, with excellent year round color interest. Color is most intense if planted in full sun locations - lack of adequate sun exposure will result in more of a lime green foliage color.

New growth is very bright golden yellow color, fading slightly to a pale yellow color with age. During the winter months, the foliage of Golden Carpet will display a temporary pinkish / purplish tone.....referred to as 'bronzing'. The degree and intensity of this winter color display will vary, depending on the area of the country and severity of winter time temps & conditions. This winter coloration helps to give this wonderful juniper variety some year round color interest, and fades back to the normal yellow color with the onset of warmer weather & temps in spring.

Makes an excellent groundcover, and can be trimmed / edged very easily if needed to maintain any certain size, shape, etc. Effective as a mass groundcover, along banking, rock walls, and even planted at the base of much larger, taller trees.

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