Magnolia Butterfly Yellow

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The Butterflies Magnolia is the very best of the rare yellow-flowering magnolias, with the richest yellow color, and the largest flowers, with many petals. The blooms sit like tulips on the bare branches in late winter and early spring, making a striking picture of beauty. The small tree has a pyramidal crown, and it rises on a single trunk to a height of 15 to 20 feet. The deep green leaves are large, and the tree is attractive all summer. Hardy from zone 5 to zone 9, this tree can be grown in both cooler and hotter zones, and brings a beautiful splash of color to early spring, a unique addition to the range of beautiful flowering magnolia trees

  • Unique rich-yellow tulip-like blooms in spring
  • Large, upright blossoms appear on bare branches
  • Attractive pyramidal crown on a single trunk
  • Grows well in all but the coldest areas
  • trouble free and easy to grow in any well-drained soil

The Butterflies Magnolia is easy to grow in full sun or partial shade. It will grow in most garden soils, doing best in richer soils that are moist but well-drained. This tree is easy to grow, needs no pruning other than removing any dead twigs, and it normally has no pests or diseases. It is perfect on the borders of wooded areas, or as a specimen on a lawn, and it brings great beauty early in the year, when few other plants are blooming.

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