Magnolia Sweet Bay

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The Sweetbay Magnolia is a magnificent North American native semi- evergreen tree that produces sweetly fragrant cup-shaped flowers with white petals from mid-spring to early summer and then sporadically throughout summer.  The scent is amazing!   Small, cone-like fruits with showy bright red seeds are displayed in fall. Elongated, large and glossy green leaves with silvery undersides provide a lush, tropical effect in the landscape. Sweet Bay Magnolia has the ability to maintain a straight central trunk, which allows it to be grown full to the ground or lower branches can be removed to form a very attractive tree with a visible trunk. Will tolerate somewhat boggy soils.

Note:  In the northern part of its growing range (USDA Zones 5-7) the Sweetbay Magnolia typically grows as a 15 to 20 feet tall and wide large shrub or tree
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