Malepartus Maiden

Malepartus Maiden

Malepartus Maiden

Use Malepartus Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus') when you need a plant that has real wow factor. This bold selection is an incredible specimen that resembles a subtropical Pampas Grass. But the majestic Malepartus is cold hardy and can handle drought and humidity!

This excellent variety sports outstanding pinky-tan flower plumes in mid-summer. The plumes soar high above the long grass, age to a gorgeous rust red for fall and finally finish white for winter.

What a knockout! It blooms early enough in summer to appreciate the display for a very long time.

The arching, green foliage turns a fiery bronze-red for fall color. The bright fall foliage becomes a perfect contrast to the decorative plumes.

Pleasing susurrus sound as the slightest puff of wind moves across the fountain of strappy blades. Adding the layers of sound and motion elevates your landscape design to pro level.

These dramatic plants easily create excitement in the landscape. Use a single plant as a specimen in the lawn or border. Or, create an unforgettable screen or hedge with several plants together.

In early spring, you'll do a single pruning to start the year fresh. Remove all the foliage at ground level, and you are done. Watch as the fresh new foliage and flowers emerge each season from the ground up. One and Done!

Create a low maintenance garden that looks and sounds fantastic. Add this dynamic Ornamental Grass to your landscape this year.

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