Maple Celebration Red/Silver

Maple Celebration Red/Silver

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The Celebration® Maple Tree is a wonderful large shade tree, that is truly fast-growing, adding 5 feet a year when young, and soon becoming a large specimen, which in time will reach 55 feet tall and 35 feet across. It may be fast, but it is sturdy, with good branching structure that resists storms and avoids breakage. Plant it on a lawn for shade, and to complement your home, among other trees, or as an avenue or as a row along a boundary. Always allow enough room for its mature size. The fall colors of gold and red are spectacular, and this beautiful tree is a great choice across the country.

Vigorous shade tree growing 5 feet a year
Sturdy structure for storm and breakage resistance
Beautiful fall colors of red and gold
Grows well on wet sites, and resists drought too
Excellent in urban gardens
The Celebration® Maple Tree grows well even in zone 3, and it thrives in almost any soil, including wet soils in low-lying areas. In very alkaline soils some yellowing of the leaves may occur. This tree is usually free of pests and diseases, and it doesn’t develop any maple keys, so it makes little mess, and doesn’t produce unwanted seedlings. Once established it is drought resistant too, and it does well even in tough urban areas, with air pollution and poor soil.

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