Sycamore Tree - Exclamation

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The Exclamation!™ London Planetree is the perfect specimen tree for difficult locations. It grows into a large specimen tree, up to 60 feet tall, with a broad spread. With its bold green leaves and unique patterned bark, it is beautiful in all the seasons. Its ability to thrive in harsh conditions is legendary, and if you have an urban garden, this tree has to be the top pick. It is so beautiful that it also deserves to be planted anywhere, but especially if you have difficult soil, perhaps regularly flooded, or often dry, then plant this tree for a trouble-free life. This particular form has also been bred and selected to resist the serious diseases of the Planetree, and as well it is more resistant to cold damage, making it ideal in zones where the tree could not previously be grown well.

  • Beautiful and tough specimen tree
  • Very large maple-like leaves
  • Fascinating ‘camouflage effect’ bark
  • The toughest tree for city planting
  • Especially bred for disease and cold resistance

The Exclamation!™ London Planetree grows best in full sun, and it will grow in all soils, from acid to alkaline and from wet to dry. Once established it is drought-resistant, and it thrives where no other tree will. It is fully resistant to anthracnose disease, and relatively resistant to powdery mildew, both diseases that plague other Planetrees. For toughness combined with beauty this tree is a top choice all over the world, so look no further for the specimen tree for tough spots – here it is.

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