3 Now Solvable Problems that Plague Homeowners

Jun 20, 2022
Hi Friends:
Here are 3 problems which have plagued Homeowners for years which we now have solutions for in the lawn and landscape.
Thistles, once you get them, they are a pain to get rid of. A relatively new product by Monterey apply named Thistledown is THE cure for these pesky weeds. We have used this same product in our landscape department for a few years and it is finally available for retail use. Super highly concentrated with using ONLY 5 milliliters to 1 gallon, this product when sprayed on the thistles knocks them out with only one application. Hallelujah!!
Seedling silver maples trees which self plant and start to germinate anywhere they find moisture are a major problem. The cute little seed pods, most people call helicopters, can wreak havoc on landscapes and with the stress trees went under last year and this spring, these seed pods are absolutely horrific this year!! Now you could pull them out while they are young, but who has that kind of time? Pruning is another option, but most just come back thicker and stronger. The sheer amount of them can make removing them a major career move. If you have these growing in the yard, Triclopyr ester from Hy Yield can be mixed with water and sprayed over the yard, not hurting cool season grasses. Spreader sticker should be added to the mix to increase the effectiveness. With no spreader sticker used, you will see little results and need to make 2-3 applications 7 to 14 days apart. If you do have these nuisance tree starts in your beds, Hy Yield Brush and Stump killer can be applied undiluted to cut trees. Place the product in a container you can dip a sponge brush into, make a fresh cut and dab the product on the cut. Your undesirable tree will not return and die. The product will NOT translocate into other surrounding plants. This is a great product and I have used on weed trees up to 4" in diameter with great success.
Weeds, weeds and more weeds!! A little rain, a little warm weather, a little more rain and boom...weeds are doing the best they have in years. In the lawn, I like using Weed Free Zone by Fertilome. This tuff weed killer gets rid of hard to kill weeds but will not harm your lawn when used as directed. This same product can be used in your landscape beds and works wonderfully well. The only thing it will not kill is grasses which, if you have them in your landscape bed, an alternate product, Killzall should be used. It is non selective and kills whatever you spray, then dissipates. It does not transfer into soil or other plants.
I will also recommend you use Hy yield turf and ornamental weed and grass stopper next to sprinkle in the landscape beds to prevent weeds for the next 2-3 months. It doesn't get every weed but it does prevent most from germinating. It is the only weed preventer we use in our landscape division. It just works.
Now on to insects and disease:
I'll say it again, now is the time to spray bagworms on arborvitae and blue spruce. Eggs are being laid now and a spray of spinosad from Fertilome will help eliminate this nuisance pest.
All sorts of scales are hatching and if you have these little bumps on your plants, A spray with horticultural oil will suffocate the " crawlers" which are the babies zipping around your branches. When you see the crawlers, this insect is most vulnerable and susceptible to being eliminated. You may need a magnifying glass to see them. You could also use a systemic spray which translocate into leaves and stems of the plant and offers up to a 30 day residual. Note you CAN NOT use this on any plant you eat anything off of so no fruits or vegetables.
The greater peach tree borer is out. These moths lay their eggs which turn into larvae and bore into the base of peach trees, cherries and even plum trees both fruiting and ornamental. A spray of Bonide eight, coating the trunk will give control.  
Check your azalea plants by looking at the back of your leaves. If you see white to black specks on them, you have lace bugs. These pests suck the sap out of the leaves making them look anemic. A systemic spray will help to eliminate these sap suckers. 
Dogwood borer, the rhododendron borer, and asian longhorn beetle are out. These pests drill in the base of trees and cause problems. A systemic spray by hy yield will stop these pests. Coat the trunk and lower branches on rhododendrons to prevent problems from occurring.  
Get ready for the Japanese beetles which will be emerging probably this next week. Traps are great to lure them away from desirable plants. We also have curative sprays, extra bait and bags for traps.
Now you have the knowledge to conquer some problems in the landscape. With the extra time you will have, you can head out to the nursery and check out all the hydrangeas just beginning to come into bud and bloom. It is also a great time to get that garden in or replace some veggies that some pest may have nibbled on. We still have a great selection of most things but we are beginning to run out. Our flowering annuals still look great in pots and hanging baskets!  Hope to see you soon.
Thanks for reading!!
J.R. Pandy, "The No B.S.Gardener"
Pandy's Premier Garden Center

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