March Madness in the Garden- a Sweet 16 to do List.

Dear Friends,

Sunday March 20th ushered in Spring 2023. With a high temperature of 49 and a low of 28, it didn’t seem too exciting. After getting spoiled with

t-shirt weather, 60-degree days in late February and early March, I think we all thought maybe, it would come early. Reality check! It’s still cold out there. Ah, the joys of owning and managing a garden center. We actually got a jump on spring and started emptying our greenhouses full of dormant plants the end of February and early March. Once we start, I like to finish a task, so add another layer of clothing and let’s keep going. I feel like the mail man. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat (or more cold) nor gloom of night will keep couriers from completion of their appointed rounds. We’re getting there slow but sure. As winter slowly fades away and spring begins to bloom, it's time to get your garden ready for the season ahead. This fun and whimsical article will guide you through a delightful to-do list for March, with tasks that range from planting onion sets to preparing your vegetable garden for planting. So, let's jump into the excitement of spring gardening!

  1. The Onion Set Jamboree: Unsure about planting onion sets? Fear not! Planting onion sets is as simple as placing the bulbs root-end down into well-draining soil, about an inch deep and 4-6 inches apart. Watch them grow into delicious, aromatic onions for your culinary creations! Use a 2 by 4 piece of wood as a guide to make sure your rows are straight. 
  2. Cool Weather Crop Party: It's time to sow some peasspinach, lettuce and other cool-weather crops. These hardy plants will thrive in the cooler temperatures, setting the stage for a bountiful harvest later on.
  3. Tool Revamp Extravaganza: Show your tools and equipment some love by giving them a good clean and repair. Get that mower ready to roar and make your garden the envy of the neighborhood!
  4. Lawn Perfectionist's Delight: For those who crave a pristine lawn, apply Fertilomes For All season lawn food plus crabgrass and weed preventer. This amazing product prevents crabgrass from sprouting, feeds your lawn simultaneously and prevents weeds up to 5 months! Your lawn will thank you with lush, green growth.
  5. The Great Dormant Oil Spray: Protect your fruit trees and ornamental shrubs by spraying dormant oil to smother overwintering insects. Say goodbye to pesky bugs and hello to healthy plants! Use liquid copper too to help eliminate diseases overwintering as well. This one, two punch is the least expensive sprays that do the most benefit of any sprays. Spray while plants are still dormant when we will have a night above freezing. 
  6. Mulch Madness and Perennial Pampering: As perennials and roses show signs of new growth, gradually remove mulch and trim off dead parts. Your plants will be ready to embrace the warmer weather and dazzle you with their beauty.
  7. Weed Warriors Unite: Wage war against overwintering weed seed now with an application of Hy-Yield brand Turf and Ornamental Weed and Grass stopper. This product prevents weeds from sprouting up to 3-4 months. Grab a bottle of weed free zone as well. This product works in lawns and landscape beds to kill weeds during cooler weather. It even kills wild onions!
  8. The Pruning Parade: Prune fruit and shade trees, grapevines, and summer and fall-blooming shrubs. Wait until spring bloomers like lilacs and forsythias have finished blooming before pruning, or you might accidentally trim off the flower buds.
  9. Ornamental Grass Makeover: Trim ornamental grasses to 4-6 inches above the ground, allowing fresh new growth to take center stage.
  10. Fertilizer Fiesta: Fertilize your fruit and shade trees, evergreens, shrubs, and lawns. We’ve got the right product for you. 
  11. Houseplant Revival: As our days get longer, start fertilizing houseplants and repot any root-bound plants. Keep an eye out for critters that may have hitched a ride during the winter months.
  12. Compost Pile Party: Turn your compost pile and add manure to activate it. You'll soon have nutrient-rich compost for your plants to enjoy.
  13. Bulb and Pansy Pairing: As tulip, narcissus, and other large bulbs begin to emerge, set pansy plants between them for added color. This delightful combination will bring a burst of brightness to your garden.
  14. Late-Month Perennial Shuffle: Divide and transplant summer and fall blooming perennials like astilbe, aster, bleeding heart, coral bells, daylilies, phlox, and Shasta daisies. Ensure they have well-drained soil and plenty of compost for optimal growth.
  15. Vegetable Garden Prep Rally: Once the soil is workable, prepare your vegetable garden for planting by adding cow manures or mushroom, lobster or leaf composts. Your veggies will thank you with a bountiful harvest later in the season.
  16. Stay positive: A green explosion will happen soon enough. Our greenhouses are packed full of everything you are going to want for spring. If you can’t wait, stop in and check out our most awesome selection of houseplants. Rest assured, the flowers are growing, and we will have them out when winter decides to leave us.

In conclusion, springtime is the perfect opportunity to bring life, color, and excitement back to your garden. By following this whimsical to-do list, you'll be well on your way to a lush, vibrant, and bountiful garden that you can enjoy throughout the season. So, put on your gardening gloves, grab your tools, and let the March gardening madness begin.