Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms

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Early birds and late risers, too, will love finding Unipet Dried Mealworm Wild Bird Food in their feeder. These nutritious dried mealworms are great for attracting a wide variety of songbirds to your feeder and provide a high energy protein and fat boost for birds in all seasons. Mix them with seed or suet for a tasty meal or serve them on their own as a snack. They’re freeze dried so they can’t crawl away like live worms and come in a convenient resealable package that keeps them fresh for months!

Key Benefits

  • Attracts a variety of insect-feeding wild birds to your feeder.
  • Provides a great energy source for birds rearing young in spring and during the lean months of winter.
  • Less maintenance than live mealworms and 100% less crawly!
  • Mix with seed for a well-balanced meal.
  • Resealable package keeps them fresh and dry.

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