Coreopsis 'Crazy Cayenne' Tickseed

Coreopsis 'Crazy Cayenne' Tickseed

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Go crazy for this vibrant orange Coreopsis that has a perfectly domed, rounded, uniform habit.  1¾” wide, fiery sunset orange flowers have intense red-orange color concentrated at the centers of the petals. The undersides of its petals are golden yellow, with some petal tips displaying the same golden yellow. The flowers will cover the gray-green, threadleaf foliage for a showy midsummer display.

Heat up your summer garden with SIZZLE & SPICE® Coreopsis, a new line of Threadleaf Coreopsis from Walters Gardens, Inc. hybridizing. Members of this collection have compact, rounded habits that are covered with flowers from early to late summer. With bright colors like red, orange, and yellow, these varieties will capture your attention in the garden and on your retail shelves alike. 

Coreopsis is easy to grow, making it a good choice for beginners. One plant will provide you with long-lasting cut flower bouquets all summer long.

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