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The Sugar Tyme Crab apple has a true green foliage and pale buds that open to masses of white flowers in May.  These flowers will completely cover the tree.  This crab also produces large, deep red berries tat will persist through the winter. 
The Sugar Tyme Crab is a disease resistant crab.  It has an upright, spreading oval shape.  It will grow to be 18′ tall with a  15′ spread.  It has pale pink buds and will bloom with massive white, fragrant flowers in the spring.  It also produces a large, deep red berry that will stick around through the winter, giving this tree appeal all year.  The sugar tyme crab is smaller than most other flowering crabs. This crab is very adaptable in most soils and looks spectacular in most landscapes because of the berries that last through the winter. it requires full sun exposure.

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