Cypress Green Thread

Cypress Green Thread

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This plant has a mounding growth habit which can be kept lower by pruning. It is the original, standard version of Chamaecyparis / Cypress cultivars - the variety from which all of the golden colored cultivars were derived. Green Thread has very nice dark green foliage year round that is very stringlike in shape & texture. The very different foliage structure works very well to help this plant to stand out when planted amongst other evergreen species.

This plant has stood the test of time, and is still very widely used in many, many landscape uses today. Foundation plantings, accents, wonderful group plantings.......just about anywhere a nice neat mounded evergreen is desired. Very low maintenance, and one of the most heat tolerant of all chamaecyparis varieties. Also withstands pruning / shearing very well, which allows it to be maintained at a wide range of heights & widths if needed.

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