Dogwood - Cherokee Princess

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the Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood is the top choice for a white-flowering dogwood tree. This tree is considered the best and most attractive native flowering tree there is, and it can be grown across a large part of the country. From an early age it is covered with large, pure-white blooms that bring the garden alive in early spring, while other trees are still sleeping. The blooms are long-lasting and a tree in bloom is a spectacular sight. You will receive a second brilliant display when the foliage turns fiery shades of red and crimson in the fall. This is a perfect small tree for any garden, bringing grace and beauty wherever it is planted.

  • Large pure-white blossoms every spring
  • Dramatic crimson and red fall coloring
  • Grows well in partial shade or in full sun
  • Considered the premium white-flowered variety
  • Makes a beautiful lawn specimen, or place it among larger trees

Choose a sunny or partially-shaded location for your Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood, in soil that is well-drained but moist and rich in organic material. This variety begins to flower when very young, so you will not have to wait long before you see the blooms, which are larger and whiter than on wild trees, as well as coming earlier in the season. This tree requires very little attention to become an elegant addition to your garden and a joy to see.

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