Dogwood - Scarlet Fire Korean

Dogwood - Scarlet Fire Korean
Dogwood - Scarlet Fire Korean

Dogwood - Scarlet Fire Korean

Darkest Pink Flowers EVER on Scarlet Fire Dogwood

  • Hardy Dogwood
  • Colorful Spring Leaves
  • Darkest Pink Flowers on a Dogwood Tree Ever
  • Blooms Almost 2 Full Months!
  • Sized Just Right for Small Gardens

Scarlet Fire Dogwood (Cornus kousa "RUTPINK') rocked the horticulture world when it was introduced in the late summer of 2017. The new cultivar of cornus had been patiently bred through years of hort trials at Rutgers University. It caused so much commotion for a simple reason - it is strikingly beautiful.

This tree makes an incredible accent in your landscape. All eyes are drawn to it as the flowers start off a soft rosy-pink and age to a rich fuchsia as the season progresses. And it is quite a long season. Scarlet Fire will bloom for you for 6-8 weeks!

This little show-off makes a HUGE impact in the landscape. In the spring, the green leaves are streaked with purple giving quite a show of their own.

Then the huge blooms - way bigger than a plant this size should have - come out in all of their glory rivalling every other spring flower in your garden. After the flowers are gone, big 1" wide round berries arrive in a dark purple-fuchsia that look like little ornaments hung on the tree. But they usually aren't there for long because they attract every song-bird in the neighborhood to come and sing for their supper!

Scarlet Fire Dogwood is also very hardy and handles both the balmy summers of zone 8 and the frigid winters of zone 5 with equal ease.

If you really want a showpiece for your garden this year then order one of these gorgeous dogwoods from us today. They are so new on the market you'll want to get them before your neighbors do!

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