Dogwood - White Flowering Cloud Nine

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If you want to create an impressive effect in your garden, especially in spring, it’s hard to beat flowering trees. Imposing and colorful, these can be truly spectacular centerpieces and there’s a wide range to choose from as well. Whatever your local climate, the size of your garden or the type of soil you have to work with there’s almost certain to be a flowering tree that will suit your conditions and wow you with its looks. Popular species come from all over the world, with many favorites coming from China and elsewhere in the Far East. Native species are seeing a strong revival recently, though, and they have a lot to offer. They form a link between your garden and the natural landscape, and if you choose a flowering dogwood it will look great too. Large enough to be imposing yet still suitable for most gardens, this attractive tree will reward you every spring with a bold display of white flowers.

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