Dwarf Alaskan Cedar

Dwarf Alaskan Cedar

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The Weeping Alaska Cedar is a beautiful evergreen tree of medium size that makes a striking specimen in the garden. It has an upright central trunk, and widely-spaced side branches that grow out horizontally, but from those branches pendulous sprays grow, falling straight towards the ground and giving this tree a unique and special form. It will really stand out and turn heads, so place it in an open area, not crowded by other plants, so that its great beauty can be fully appreciated. This tree will grow steadily until it is perhaps 30 feet tall, but often it will be smaller, and with its narrow outline it will fit well into a smaller garden, making a real statement without taking up a lot of room.

  • Beautiful weeping evergreen tree
  • Branches cascade from an upright trunk
  • Easily grown in all the cooler parts of the country
  • Hardy to minus 30 degrees
  • Unique and striking specimen for any style of garden

The Weeping Alaska Cedar should be planted in regular garden soil that is well-drained but does not become completely dry in summer. Young trees should be watered regularly during dry weather. Otherwise this tree is free of significant pests and diseases, needs no pruning, and grows all by itself, making it an ideal choice for a low-maintenance garden. Plant it in the lawn as a specimen, among other evergreens in a bed, among boulders and gravel, or even in large pot, where it will decorate a terrace or patio for years.

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