Hardy Pampass or Ravenna Grass

Hardy Pampass or Ravenna Grass
Hardy Pampass or Ravenna Grass

Hardy Pampass or Ravenna Grass

Common Name: Ravenna Grass, Plume Grass


An absolute giant of the ornamental grass world. Considered by many to be the best substitute for Pampas Grass in northern regions, they share similar plumes and height.

Having an upright arching form, the gray-green leaves reach a height of about 5 feet. In late summer, dynamic flower spikes reach skyward, achieving impressive heights of 8 to 12 feet. Silvery flower panicles with hints of purple top these spikes and then brighten to white in fall. These plumes are often used in fresh and dried flower arrangements.

The fall color of Erianthus is just as spectacular as the feathery plumes. Multiple colors including orange, tan, purple, and beige blend throughout. The brown, dried stalks form looming shadows in winter, and are especially beautiful when planted with a backdrop of dark green or with the white of snow.

This is the ideal specimen plant for large gardens. Its imposing size and durability also makes it a good choice for use in parks, golf courses, along highways, or anywhere else a tall screen or windbreak is desired.

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