Inkberry-Strong Box #3

Inkberry-Strong Box

Inkberry-Strong Box #3

  • Compact and Carefree
  • Native to North America
  • Beautiful Blue-Green Foliage Without Spines or Prickles
  • Tiny White Flowers in Springtime Support Beneficial Pollinators
  • Sophisticated Choice for Outdoor Containers
  • Great for Foundation Plantings and as a Low Hedge Edging
  • Broadly Rounded Form Never Needs Pruning, But Can Be Sheared If You Like
  • May Develop Black Berries in Fall With a Pollinator Nearby
  • These Historical Berries Were Used by Civil War Soldiers to Write Letters Home
  • Can Tolerate Periodically Soggy Soils
  • Grows Faster Than Boxwood
  • Resists Winter Burn
  • Pest and Disease-Resistant
  • Widely Adaptable
  • Sun Or Shade
  • Great Structure Plant and Winter Interest
  • Rabbit and Deer Resistant

For a well-balanced landscape, it's advised to ensure that at least one-third of your plants are evergreen. These rock-steady plants help set the lines of your design; giving structure and year-round color for interest in all seasons.

For those who prefer native plants, or need to limit the pruning requirements, we highly recommend Strongbox® Inkberry Holly (Ilex glabra 'ILEXFARROWTRACEY' PP 30,147) is an excellent, elegant broad-leaved evergreen.

It resembles a Boxwood, but grows faster. This premium selection is quite adaptable to a wide variety of different garden sites, acidic soils and conditions.

Strongbox Inkberry Holly stays small and grows into a broadly rounded shape. Use it as a formal low hedging plant that needs little pruning.

This native shrub maintains its blue-green foliage all the way to the ground. The pretty, round leaves do not have rough-edged prickles. They make a handsome green accent plant all season.

Strongbox is a female plant, and may produce tiny black berries if you have a male Inkberry Holly nearby. History buffs can try their hand at recreating the Civil War experience of homesick soldiers writing with homespun ink.

This is a great plant to include in a Pollinator Garden, as the tiny white spring flowers support honey bees. If the blooms get pollinated, local songbirds will certainly enjoy feasting on their berries in fall!

It's no matter if you are renting, or if you own your property. You can always grow Strongbox Inkberry Holly in large outdoor containers to gain a wonderfully formal feeling, for little more effort than regular watering.

This hardy evergreen is just about maintenance free, not needing any coddling and still able to look great. Strongbox is very disease and pest resistant.

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