Iris 'Versicolor' Iris

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Iris 'Versicolor' Iris

Iris versicolor grows in large clumps or patches that originate from thick creeping rhizomes.  

The sword shaped leaves are up to 30” tall and 1-2” wide.  Leaves overlap at the base and fold around the adjacent leaf to form a flat fan-like arrangement.

In spring leafless flower stalks bear 3-5 blue-purple or violet flowers.  Each bloom is 3-4” wide with darker purple veins.

The blooms have a typical iris form with 3 drooping sepals called “falls” and 3 small upright petals called “standards”.  The falls are marked with a yellow blotch surrounded by a white border.  

Angular capsules form after flowering.  The seeds are covered in a corky deposit that allows them to distribute by floating in water.

Iris versicolor grows best in sites with full sun or part shade.  Plants thrive in moist or wet acidic soils that are high in organic matter.

This versatile wildflower prospers in clay and mucky soils, thrives in 2-4” of standing water and tolerates short periods of drought. 

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