Euonymus - Moonshadow

Euonymus - Moonshadow

Euonymus - Moonshadow

Moonshadow Euonymus is an evergreen shrub or creeper with ornamental foliage. Plant several as a low hedge, or just one as an accent for your perennial bed. These would also do well as container plants for your front porch.

Your Moonshadow Euronymus is an adorable little shrub with a lot to offer for its diminutive size. Its evergreen nature ensures that you'll enjoy its appearance year-round, and the decorative foliage will provide an added benefit over other small evergreens in your landscape.

When you see your Moonshadow, you'll immediately notice the foliage. Each oval, serrated leaf features a yellow center framed by glossy green. When the foliage is young, the yellow has a more muted appearance, darkening with age. This gives your Moonshadow a somewhat multi-toned appearance that will be a stand-out for your summer landscape.

When fall arrives, your Moonshadow stems turn red and the foliage takes on a pink tone.

This dense, compact and evergreen shrub tends to stay low and compact, with a somewhat rounded habit. Unlike some other varieties, Moonshadow will form a slow-growing mat that won't need to be pruned often to maintain its form.

Moonshadow is tolerant of most soil conditions (except overly moist), grows in sun or shade and can be sheared or left to grow naturally.

For a low maintenance evergreen shrub with exquisite foliage color year-round, it's hard to find a better plant that Moonshadow Euonymus. No matter how limited your space, there's always room to enjoy some of Moonshadow's special beauty.

  • Beautiful Evergreen Foliage
  • Unique Glossy Two-Toned Color
  • Great Container Plant
  • Small, Dense & Compact
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