NutraLime DG Pelletized Limestone

NutraLime DG Pelletized Limestone

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Increases nutrient availability and yield!

NutraLime DG features pelletized lime derived from calcitic limestone. This premium product contains 20% calcium. It also provides your plants with an excellent source of magnesium. Available in 50-pound bags.NutraLime DG gives your plants two essential secondary macronutrients that improve key crop functions. This product provides quick pH adjustments to your soil. A proper pH balance enhances the efficiency of both nutrients and pesticides.For new lawns, apply 40 pounds of NutraLime DG per 1,000 square feet. Rake lightly into the soil before seeding. For established lawns, apply 12 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Increase this rate to 18 pounds for clay soils. .NutraLime DG increases the nutrient availability and yield of your plants. You can blend it with any dry fertilizer to create a custom macronutrient blend. The pelletized material is easy to handle and spread. NutraLime DG combines a low application rate with dramatically increased yields. This combination makes it as economical as it is efficient!

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