Red Twig Dogwood Arctic Fire #3

Red Twig Dogwood Arctic Fire

Red Twig Dogwood Arctic Fire #3

Every landscape needs a blaze of color in those long, cold days of winter. Now, even if you have a small landscape, you can grow a special variety of Redosier Dogwood. Arctic Fire® Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera 'Farrow' PP#18523) is a Proven Winners® selection that is a true dwarf of this beloved native shrub.

Because this superior nativar stays smaller than the species, you can use it throughout your landscape. And who doesn't love the amazing bright red young stems peeking up out of a white cap of snow?

Arctic Fire® Dogwood is a winter gem. The cut stems are highly desirable because of the deep, dark red stem color during the winter dormancy period. Cut stems can be used to great effect in urns and pots outdoors for winter and holiday decorations. They can also be cut and used indoors for winter and holiday décor. These classic, natural decorations are always in style.

Pretty white springtime flower clusters develop on last year's stems. They bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. Try them in cut flower arrangements indoors, adding a branch or two to your bouquet.

These native shrubs are very versatile. They can be planted in full sun or part shade. They tolerate just about any soil, including areas that stay damp. Try them in those challenging wet areas and watch them thrive.

Attractive, dark green foliage looks great all season long. The white flowers develop into small white berries. You might not see them, as the local songbirds love to eat the berries. They will take just as soon as they ripen.

As the leaves turn and fall in autumn, you (and the neighbors!) will start to notice the bright red stems that are left behind. The beautiful, dramatic color of the cut stems is extremely popular for winter decorations.

Try them in your large exterior planters to easily adorn your front entrance or to perk up either side of otherwise bland garage doors. Mix evergreen branches, Holly or Magnolia with these dark red stems in your containers.

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