Ruby Chip Dwarf Butterfly Bush !

Ruby Chip Dwarf Butterfly Bush !

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2 gallon

Finally - a butterfly bush with the neat habit of the Lo & Behold series, with the jaw-dropping color intensity of the "Miss" series! Lo & Behold Ruby Chip butterfly bush brings together the best of both, with a tidy 2.5'/.76m size and dozens of magenta-ruby flower spikes. Fragrant and long-blooming, it keeps putting out fresh flowers without the need to deadhead (i.e., remove old brown flowers). Perfect for flower gardens or landscapes.

Top reasons to grow Lo & Behold Ruby Chip butterfly bush:

- Space-saving dwarf habit fits anywhere

- Brightly colored flowers all summer

- Sun-loving and heat tolerant

Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer
Long Blooming
Heat Tolerant
Deadheading Not Necessary
Drought Tolerant
Small or Miniature

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