Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance

Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance
Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance

Serviceberry Autumn Brilliance

  • Native Tree with Four Seasons of Interest
  • Superb Size for Smaller Lots
  • Pink Buds Open to Masses of Lacy, White Flowers
  • Flowers Held on Bare Branches in Spring
  • Butterflies and Beneficial Pollinators Adore the Delicate Blooms
  • Edible Purple Berries
  • Wonderful Food Source for Birds
  • Gorgeous Blue-Green Foliage
  • Fall Foliage a Brilliant Mix of Red and Orange Tones
  • Smooth Gray Bark Showcases the Graceful Form
  • Versatile and Widely Adaptable
  • Full Sun or Partial Shade

With an enduring interest into native trees, Americans are seeking out plants that support local wildlife and deliver edible crops. Design-savvy, they also expect a gorgeous presentation in all seasons.

A perfect choice for gardens across the country, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry (Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance') is a versatile and popular shrubby tree. George Washington planted this enchanting species at his estate, Mount Vernon.

A natural hybrid of several Serviceberry varieties, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry offers a lovely landscape display all year-long. Nicknames include Shadbush and Juneberry, named for the annual summer time frame of the ripe berries.

In spring, you'll appreciate the delicate, fine-textured clusters of white flowers which simply cover this tree. This outstanding flower display is a wonderful harbinger of the growing season and supports the early nectar needs of beneficial pollinators.

Soon, you'll see the flowers give way to small green berries that gradually deepen into red. They finally mature a deep, rich purple in early summer.

Serviceberries look like large, dark blueberries. You'll get a sense of the flavor of the pretty, edible berries with the nicknames Sugarplum and Wild-Plum.

You can eat these berries raw, or bake them in pies or cook them into delicious jams. Native Americans and early settlers enjoyed eating these berries and were thought by some to have medicinal properties.

Race the birds for your share. Or, simply allow your local songbirds to strip the harvest quickly. Feel great about this responsible choice.

As well, the blue-green foliage is very attractive all season with a well-formed elliptical shape and finely serrate margins. Enjoy their shade in small space gardens.

As nights grow cooler, you'll be astonished by the excellent fall color. Brilliant reds and oranges light up your landscape in a phenomenal show.

This is a great small tree with a lot of history, and so many beautiful features. 

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