Summersweet Hummingbird Dwarf #3

Summersweet Hummingbird Dwarf

Summersweet Hummingbird Dwarf #3

Hummingbird Summersweet is a deciduous, ornamental shrub. Plant several for a low-growing, colorful hedge along your garage, or perhaps just one in your butterfly garden where you're sure to attract some of your favorite winged creatures.

Your Hummingbird Summersweet is sure to astound you with the beauty of its bottle brush-style blooms. Each 6-inch long blossom of pristine white will further entice you with its delicious fragrance, a captivating call that's hard to resist.

Likewise, the 4-inch leaves are also delightfully attractive on this lovely shrub, each with an oblong shape and serrated edges. The dark green shade of the foliage and its glossy sheen will create an eye-catching display in your landscape even without the elegant, summer flowers.

As autumn approaches, the foliage continues its vibrant appearance as it transitions to earthy shades of yellow and brown. As an added treat, 1/8-inch, brown seeds persist into winter for a bit of added decorative appeal and wildlife interest.

It has a rounded manner and is adaptive to a variety of soils and conditions. Hummingbird Summersweet has a dwarf nature and more compact than some other varieties. It grows naturally lovely, but is amenable to pruning if you should prefer a more manicured appearance.

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