Viburnum Blue Muffin Dwarf E7 !

Viburnum Blue Muffin Dwarf E7 !

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This handsome selection of the North American native arrowwood viburnum boasts neat foliage, white spring flowers, and, if a different selection is planted nearby, the namesake blue fruits in autumn. It's ideal as a hedge or specimen plant, and is very low maintenance. At present, there are no Proven Winners varieties that are suitable for pollinating Blue Muffin, so we recommend Chicago Lustre, which is a widely-available selection. 

A note about deer resistance: viburnums are generally considered deer resistant in that they rarely cause significant damage to the whole plant. However, deer may eat the flowers, particularly on younger plants, which will also eliminate the possibility for fruit to form. Though Blue Muffin has many good qualities without fruit or flowers, if those are your primary reasons for growing this plant and you contend with deer, you should plan to protect it with netting or a repellent.

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